Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag(GGBFS OR GBFS)

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag ( also refers to fine slag powder, slag powder or GBFS or GGBFS ) S95 grade is the high quality concrete and cement admixture, and universally accepted as well as

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag ( also refers to fine slag powder, slag powder or GBFS or GGBFS ) S95 grade is the high quality concrete and cement admixture, and universally accepted as well as the preferred admixture for making up the high durability concrete structure. The product conforms to the GB/T 18046-2000 standard, consisting the features of small fineness, suitable area per unit volume, early strength fast hard, good relevance between cement strength and concrete strength, frost resisting, wear-resistance and the corrosion resistance, which is widely used in bridge, tunnel, culvert canal and high-rise building engineering, and offered to exporting and domestic cement industry. Exported products are also according to the BS6699-1992 UK standard. Package is 1500kg/space bag or 1000kg/bag.

The GGBFS equivalently substitutes for 30-70% cement in the silicate cement and for 20-40% cement in the common cement, which can prepare C30-C80 high-performance concrete, for preparation concrete, its anti-permeability raised significantly, corrosion-resistance raised by two times more, wear-resistance raised by three times more; Alcali aggregate reaction expansibility is reduced by 80% more, three days of heat hydration is reduced by 15-20%, especially it greatly improves the concrete workability, its improved liquidity, reduced bleeding capability, and it is suitable for the pumping, no vibration, big flow degree (more than 20cm slumps) concrete preparation. The product is high quality concrete admixture for the high performance concrete preparation.

Our plant has four GGBFS production lines, adopting the imported LM56.3+3S large scale slag three-roller mill equipment. Four lines designed annual production is 4.8 million tons with the 450m2/kg fineness. The GGBFS S75, S95, S105 conform to the GB/T18046-2000 standard and UK BS6699 standard.

Remarkable effectiveness:

1. It can economize the 30-70% cement dosage (including the cement plaster) and reduce the concrete cost, every cubic meters of concrete comprehensive cost can be reduced on average about 10-23rmb.
2. It can lower the bleeding and improve the concrete workability.
3. It can significantly reduce the concrete heat of hydration, improve concrete workability, reduce the liquating and bleeding and the massive concrete temperature change and internal stress, especially suitable for massive concrete preparation.
4. It exists in the concrete as cementitious material and can improve the concrete pore structure with the aperture be refined and homogenization, as well as can improve the concrete anti-permeability, the resistance of freezing and thawing and durability.
5. Effectively improve concrete seawater and fresh water resistance corrosion performance, and resist sulphate erosion. Especially it is suitable for resistance seawater, underground and surface engineering. 
6. It significantly improves the concrete alkali-resistance aggregate reaction ability.
7. Increase the concrete strength of anti-press, anti-pulling, anti-bending and sheering, easily make up the high strength concrete.
8. Under the condition of invariable water, it can make up the plastic concrete, in order to avoid the quality problem due to the intensive steel bar and poor vibrating.
9. Under the condition of invariable in water, it can make the concrete into the mold as the liquid, and reduce the wear and tear of concrete pump body, pipeline and mould, then prolong its working life.
10. Can make up masonry, plastering cement plaster and low grade cement. Under the situation of meeting the strength requirements, not only it can save 30-70% cement, meanwhile can improve the construction operability.
11. It can be used in fabrication of environmental compatibility type of cement base material and high performance concrete admixture.

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