Steel strand

1.  Commodity: Prestressed Steel strand2. Material: high-carton wires SWRH 82B/77B 3.  Classify: With bond-smooth, Nick; unbonded.4.  Direction of Twist: left homonymous (LHLL

1.  Commodity: Prestressed Steel strand
2. Material: high-carton wires SWRH 82B/77B 
3.  Classify: With bond-smooth, Nick; unbonded.
4.  Direction of Twist: left homonymous (LHLL), right homonymous (RHLL)
5.  Weight: general1.5-3.5 ton/ coil, available 0.5-4.0 ton/ coil.  
6.  Packing: steel belts externally, work out the cloth (bonded); Sacks (unbonded); Wooden splints, wooden shaft (export)
7.  Performance: tensile strength  1860-2060 Mpa;
1000 h relaxation rate  1.0 2.0%.
8. Specification: structure1x7, diameter 9.5mm, 11.1mm, 12.7mm, 15.2mm, 15.24mm, 15.7mm, 17.8mm, 21.6mm; structure 1x19, diameter 21.6mm. 
9. Standard: national standard GB/T5224-2003, JG3006-93; American standard ASTM A416-98, ASTM A416/A416M-2006; British standard BS5896-1980; Also we can supply according to both sides’ technical agreement.